Our commitment to the design thinking process means that our outcomes are not tied to any specific design discipline. Our team holds expertise across the spectrum: interaction design, communication design, systems design, product design.

Our favorite projects are large and complex—seemingly unsolvable systemic problems. Sometimes termed “wicked problems” because of their complex enmeshment with other problems, solutions can prove elusive. But design thinking offers a process through which we can gain deep understanding, and through that, be able to offer creative, innovative solutions.

Complex problems aren’t limited to large companies—some of the most interesting work right now is in the technology sector. Startup companies often have fascinating projects with very tight budgets. But sometimes they are so focussed on getting a product “out there” that they lose track of the bigger vision. We can help make sure of user needs by bringing them into the development process ensuring a tighter fit with markets.

While many projects usually proceed through all three stages—collaboration, understanding, and creation—some smaller projects may need input at just one stage. Here are a just few examples of applying human-centred design to your own business. Contact us to see more!



Custom visioning workshops can help your company draw from the tacit knowledge of your employees and build strategies towards common goals. Recently we helped the St. Paul’s Hospital Foundation gather a deeper understanding of their employee’s perspectives through a series of visioning exercises at a day long retreat.

Strategic Planning

Co-creation workshops with employees, customers and other stakeholders can help your company plan for growth. We can build collaborative exercises that go far beyond standard interviews and focus groups to allow for maximum engagement in developing your strategic plan.

Design Sprints

Tacit has led recent design sprints with the Planning and Innovation team at Fraser Health, viaSport and Spirit North. These sessions are custom designed for each group and can accommodate anywhere from 5-50 people. They are usually focussed around a particular complex problem the teams are struggling with, but they always include an educational component on the power of Design Thinking to offer empathetic perspectives and innovative solutions. Sessions can run anywhere from 2-5 days.


Strategic Plans

Making sense of information garnered from qualitative research can be frustrating. Multiple perspectives, conflicting input, ambiguous results—it’s sometimes tempting to write off the process entirely. We’ve had years of experience making sense of “soft” data. Using an affinity mapping process, we can look for trends, uncover problems, suggest general goals and directions. We can summarize this in reports and present it professionally, showing you how we arrived at our conclusions.


Generating reports is a necessary part of any process, but if the information is unintelligible your message is lost. We can help present data clearly and write text in understandable language, free of jargon. We’ve done many annual reports and have extensive experience in their design and production.

User Experience

There are numerous online tools that can help evaluate user experience, but none can probe your customers’ experiences as well as hands-on workshops. Not only can this uncover unseen issues, but it can generate innovative solutions by allowing the users themselves input into the design process.


Innovative Digital Experiences

Whether it’s a mobile web site, a web app, or a custom phone app we can make sure it offers a compelling experience for your customers. We’ll make sure you have an easily editable platform that best suits your needs.

Branding and Social Media Planning

Much more than a logo, your brand affects all aspects of your public face. We can help you design a solid social media plan, build a logo that fits multiple media and ensure your message is on target.

Print Media

We have extensive experience with traditional media: books, annual reports, brochures, or catalogues. We can offer a one-stop service from design and production to print and delivery. Whether you need short runs using digital presses or long runs for complex products, we can coordinate your work.

Design and Research Services

Human-Centred Design
Our emphasis is designing for people first.
Our work is grounded in gaining deep understanding.
Co-Creation Workshops
Collaborating with people forms the core of our process.
Design Research Strategy
Our process allows leadership to base long-term strategies on research.
Communication Design
Understanding the human context allows for clear communication strategies.
Interaction Design
Knowledge of what people actually want/need allows for much richer interactions with technology.
Industrial Design
Human factors have long been the basis of product design.
Systems Design
Knowledge of the human perspective can inform deep change of entire systems rather than short term band-aid fixes.
Ethnographic Probes
Having people document their lives from home can reveal key information.
Affinity Mapping
This process allows us to make sense of complex and conflicting information.
User Experience Research
Human-centred research goes beyond interaction to look at the entire user experience.
Brain/Body Storming
Your best resource is often your own people--tapping their knowledge can provide huge insights.
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