Our focus is on helping partners achieve a deep understanding of their problem space. We do this through applying human-centred design techniques to uncover tacit knowledge held by stakeholders.


We take collaboration seriously. Everything we do is based on the fact that your best strategists are right in front of you. Our collaborative design research process takes advantage of the fact that your greatest strength is people: your customers, your management team, and your staff. We engage their experience, intelligence and intuition through human-centred design research techniques that uncover attitudes and emotions that motivate complex, but very human, behaviours. Additionally, by engaging stakeholders directly in problem solving they are much more likely to embrace the final solution. Collaboration is not a buzzword for us—at Tacit Design Strategy it is the core to any and every challenge.


Knowledge. Every organization is interested in making knowledge-based decisions. While data-driven, quantitative information from polls, questionnaires or interviews is important, it rarely tells the whole story. This is where we can help. Once we complete our human-centred collaboration we engage in a process of affinity mapping. We take the generalized bits of knowledge that have been collected from a wide group of stakeholders and start to create simplified knowledge points that are easily understandable. Using these knowledge points we move toward a series of actionable design principles that are then used to clarify the nature of the problem and to contemplate potential solutions. Understanding and analysis is essential in making challenges clear, and solutions self-evident.


When you have a clear and deep understanding of a problem space, more creative outcomes are possible. Instead of offering old designs in new packages, we are committed to solutions that directly address the emotions and attitudes uncovered in our knowledge-gathering phase. Through a final series of engagement activities with stakeholders we co-create a range of solutions that meet their needs. From here, we apply our own creative expertise in communication, interaction and industrial design to refine ideas into a final, polished form. A successful outcome for us is natural, simple and elegant. Most importantly, these solutions focus on changing people’s behavior —the root of any wicked problem.

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